Exclusive SUB100 1800 MILER CLUB

 1 x mile = £50

 10 x mile = £500

 100 x mile = £5000

Buy 1 x Shackleton exclusive 1800 nautical mile + a commemorative map of the route in a presentation sleeve.

1800 Mile club, sponsor and claim 1 mile section. The mile will belong to you and named after yourself or your company, your company may buy up to 200 miles each.

The 1800 miler club will be displayed on the website.

Photo opportunity at the South Pole with a Flag with all names will be taken.

Charity Involvement

We are presently at an advanced stage of discussion with a number of charities to become beneficiaries of the Shackleton Unfinished Business expedition which will draw further media attention profile to the expedition and sponsors.

Individual Sponsorship

Finally we are offering you the opportunity to sponsor individually any of the team members, all high profile adventurers who are available to promote your company’s products.

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