Resupply Depots X 3

£50,000 – £75,000 Each

Claim and naming rights for that resupply depot


SUB100 agrees to provide the Sponsor with the following Sponsorship Rights:

  1. The Sponsor shall be known as one of the “Official Expedition Co Sponsor ”.
  2. The Sponsor as Official Expedition Co Sponsor will have prominent branding associated with the Event including the following;
  3. Prominent branding on all associated Event marketing collateral – website, social media, blogs;
  4. Prominent display of Sponsor logos at the Event where possible (the Sponsor acknowledges that the Event location makes usual branding opportunities a challenge. SUB100 will endeavor to include all Sponsor branding at associated SUB100 events where possible in the UK;
  5. Where any apparel carries any logos, the Sponsor Logo shall also be included (as provided by the Sponsor) and prominently displayed on the trouser leg;
  6. The Sponsor shall have the right to reference in all Sponsor promotional material including (but not limited to) the Sponsor’s marketing emails, literature, website and social media channels, its sponsorship and association with the Event and including the use of the SUB100 Logo in such material.
  7. A pre & post Event promotional talk to be undertaken by the SUB100 team at the location as requested/deemed appropriate by the Sponsor. 

All associated costs to be covered by the Sponsor.

Company Name on kites.
Tops all branded.
Tent Covered in company logo for that section of trip
Sledge covers with company logo for that section of trip
All clothing used in promotional activity
All marketing whilst on ice
Team photo with company flag at South Pole

Right to hosts company press conference
Personal Appearances and talk at venue of your choice (2) *More can be hosted at company cost.
Branding and Presence during any conference, team events leaving party, home coming party.
Updates along the way from the team. Regular updates from the team via Satellite phone (should network coverage be provided)

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